Windair's Teddy Bear

Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Hinckley, Illinois, United States
Registration: PP5811910/02
Variety: Toy Poodle
Color: White
Birthday: February 8, 1999
Health Issues: PRA (diagnosed at 9 years of age)*

*Teddy was diagnosed with PRA at 9 years of age. PRA is caused be a recessive gene. When Teddy was bred in late 1998, there was no DNA test available to show if a parent was carrier of the recessive gene. The first time I mentioned to Maureen, Teddy's breeder, that he seemed to be having some difficulty seeing in dim light, even before the diagnosis of PRA, she did what a caring, responsible and ethical breeder would and should do. She placed Teddy's sire in a pet home (his mother had been placed in a pet home years earlier) and tested any remaining relatives of his still in her breeding program. I plan to get my next toy poodle from her because I firmly believe that she is an ethical breeder who I completely trust and who I highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality toy poodle..


Windair's Teddy Bear
Windair's Disco Boy
Michanda Ingle's Free Spirit
Ch. Michanda Marino
Ch. Michanda Syntifny Kolique
Keeshoda's Kelly Girl
Chudan Artest Van-G
Tingle's Witty Whitney
Windair's Farrah
Chudan Artest Van-Go
Ch Bellview Ready Willing N Able TP
Foxmore Chudan Reva
Windair's Snow Queen
Yerbrier Ballin D Jacdelorch
Windair's Snow Fantasy

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